ACT4E updates: Session 3

Dear ACT4E participants,

Here are the materials from yesterday’s Session 3:

  • These are the slides in PDF;
  • This is the recording;
  • This is the Q&A document;
  • This is the updated version of the work-in-progress book.

We remind you that lecture materials will be regularly posted here.

If you haven’t already, please:

Today, Thursday, January 14th at 14:00 UTC on zoom, we will have our first guest lecture:

SpeakerDr. David Spivak
Title: Applied Category Theory: Towards a Science of Interdisciplinarity
Abstract: Effective interoperation between multiple scientific disciplines is crucial to systems engineering. Can the study of interoperability—the working negotiations and hand-offs between theories and models—itself be made into a hard science? Hard sciences are based on mathematics, so this would require a mathematics of interoperability, a mathematics whose subject consists of the bridges and analogies that make data- and model-integration actually work. I propose that category theory serves this purpose exceptionally well. In this talk, I will give evidence for the above claim, given only the background that the ACT4E audience has seen so far. I will focus on operads, which offer a framework for various forms of compositionality. In particular, I will discuss how operads model the interconnection of dynamical systems, provide a new method for solving systems of nonlinear equations, and explain how these two issues are connected category-theoretically. Finally, I’ll explain how all this fits into a larger mathematical approach to interdisciplinarity.

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