ACT in research and industry

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Conferences, workshops, seminars

A few recommendations for hearing about events and staying informed about current research.

  • Here is a list of larger events in the ACT community, in particular the annual international ACT conference, the annual Adjoint School, and the series of symposia on compositional structures (SYCO).
  • The Topos Institute is a hub of leading research in ACT and hosts a regular colloquium, organizes workshops and seminars, and posts regularly on their blog.
  • ACT google group (mainly for event announcements)
  • Research talks: MIT Category Theory Seminar

ACT in industry

Beyond research collaborations with companies and organizations such as NASA or Amazon, here are a few selected links to enterprises that use category theory in a central way. To learn more about ACT in industry, the annual category theory conference has an industry panel, for example. (See the industry panel from 2023 here.)

Selected publications

There is an enormous body of research in category theory and its applications. Here is a small number of entry points to explore what is out there.

  • Compositionality is a journal specifically founded to publish research in applied category theory and compositional structures more generally.
  • Proceedings of the annual conference in applied category theory. You may search for the proceedings on the arXiv, then once on a specific proceedings arXiv page, click on “HTML” to view a table of contents with links. For example, see here for the proceedings of 2023.

Other resources

A small selection of links.