Materials: applied category theory for engineering

Content more specifically focused on category theory for engineering and our own particular work and interests.

Education and outreach

Teaser video: why category theory for engineering?

Work-in progress textbook

A friendly and extensive introduction to applied category theory, with a focus on engineering perspectives and applications. Work-in-progress by Andrea Censi, Jonathan Lorand, and Gioele Zardini.


Since several years we have been teaching applied category theory for engineering at ETH Zurich. Our audience is graduate students in a wide range of engineering disciplines, as well as students from computer science and applied mathematics. Currently we are teaching an introductory lecture in the fall semesters, and a more advanced and somewhat specialized lecture in the spring semesters.
In the fall of 2024 Gioele will be teaching a version of the introductory course at MIT. In 2021 we also taught a free, online course in applied category theory for a broad international audience, and aim to offer a similar course sometime in the future.


At regular intervals we co-organize events on applied category theory for engineering. Recently, for example, several workshops on “Compositional Robotics: Mathematics and Tools” and on “Co-design and Coordination of Future Mobility Systems”. See here for more information and materials.


Co-design of complex systems: from autonomy to future mobility

Talk by Gioele Zardini for the Topos Insitute Colloquium.

Design everything (,) together

Talk on co-design by Andrea Censi at the MIT categories seminar. (Slides here)

Learn co-design

Original papers by Andrea Censi, before discovering category theory: