Taking the class

Do I know enough to take this class?

We expect you have the knowledge of somebody who has a bachelor's degree in engineering.

Note that this will be an accessible but mathematical class: we will not go as deep as other applied category theory classes but we will always be on formal ground.

Helping out

Can I be a TA for the class?

Please contact us! We are looking for TAs.

Next editions

When are the next editions of the class?

We will likely do this once per year in the winter.

Can you teach a version of this class for a specialized audience?

Maybe. Please contact us!


Is this an ETH Zürich official course?

No, this is not an official ETH Zürich course.

For ETH Zürich Students only, there will be an official course of the same name in the 2021 Spring Semester, starting at the end of February 2021. The ETH course will be more intense than this online course.

Can I take this course for credits?

This is not an official ETH Zürich course and we do not award ECTS credits.

If your institution awards you credits to follow courses like this, Andrea (personally and not as ETH) is happy to sign a certificate of attendance.

If you are in Europe, you might look into if your institution has some agreement with ETH for which you can take the official Spring 2021 class and be awarded credits.

I am an ETH Zürich / University of Zürich student. Can I take this course and then the official one later?

Of course! This is particularly good if you want to be a Teaching Assistant for the other course.